I would recommend calling Linett Real Estate if you are looking for a good agent to help you find a home in Jerusalem. I was looking to buy for quite a while. I had seen so many apartments on my own and with various agents. I really felt that Micha took the time to understand what I was looking for and did not try to push me into something that I was not interested in. He was extremely patient and explained the whole process to me including mortgage options, payment plans, and lawyers contracts. Being a new oleh I truly appreciated his support with the bureaucracy involved. Thank you Micha

Dina Lavender

I would like to personally thank you again for your relentless efforts with helping us find an apartment in Katamon. We are very happy with the neighbourhood and the apartment itself fits our needs. I think you did a fabulous job finding the place for us, but above all, you did superbly in negotiating the final sale price on our behalf. In addition, we thank you for being there for us throughout the entire purchase process, including being so supportive at the closing. Your voice of reasoning was very helpful that day and at the end, it made the lawyers re-think their strategy and close the deal to everyone’s satisfaction. As we mentioned to you after the first few showings, we started the search process in Jerusalem by looking at apartment postings and calling various realtors. Some were nicer than others. They showed us several properties but none matched our criteria. We felt that some of these realtors focused on their short term goal of selling a property without any effort to really understand what we were looking for. As you recall, we met you when we called about a specific property you posted. After you showed us that apartment, you asked us to indicate what we liked and what we did not. We very much appreciated the fact that you did not try to push us to place an offer when we had doubts, you encouraged us to see the properties during different hours of the day and suggested that we walk around the neighbourhood to "feel it out". In addition, we felt that you very quickly understood what we were looking for and we decided we would work with you exclusively. From that point on, you very quickly narrowed down the search for us, which saved us a lot of time. I remember an incident where I did see a listing on one of the real estate web sites. When I asked you about that property you knew all the details and you were quite adamant about the fact that even though the photos showed a charming place, the apartment was not for us. I insisted on seeing it and you arranged a showing with the listing agent. As soon as we walked into the apartment it became clear to me that you were correct in your assessment. That apartment was definitely not what we were looking for. Last, we have no doubt that we will contact you again if we ever decide to sell our apartment or look for other properties in Jerusalem. As you know, we already recommended you to a family member that purchased an apartment with your assistance as well. We also recommended you to a close family friend who are now considering selling their apartment. We value your professionalism and most of all, we appreciate your integrity. We wish you the very best and good luck!

Maya Radzinski