Linett Real Estate

With more than a decade of experience, Linett Real Estate is at the forefront of providing superior customer service and trusted professional guidance to home buyers and sellers in Jerusalem. Linett Real Estate stands out as a premier professional agency in Jerusalem, with a special emphasis on the
Rechavia, Talbiya, German Colony and Kiryat Shmuel neighborhoods.

Agency founder Micha Linett provides individualized attention to each client and is uniquely gifted at matching buyers to their dream home, swiftly and efficiently. Linett Real Estate offers a diverse range of properties, from luxury apartments and private homes to high-ceilinged historic houses, as well as short and long term rentals.
Linett Real Estate is committed to simplifying and streamlining the real estate process providing unparalleled personalized guidance, expertise and support to its clients every step of the way. Linett Real Estate clients benefit from the agency’s extensive network of professional connections, including Israel’s leading real estate and contract lawyers, engineers, contractors, and mortgage brokers.
Linett Real Estate is a proud member of Shiran, a multiple listing service that enables cooperation between selected real estate agents, offering Linett clients full access to available properties on the market.
For agency founder Micha Linett, using his real estate expertise to help people from around the world settle in Jerusalem is a lifelong ambition. Born and raised in Jerusalem, Micha is inspired by the profound connection that draws people to this enchanting city.

“It gives me great satisfaction to find the perfect home to suit each client’s specific needs and lifestyle, and to help people realize their vision of living in Jerusalem,” Micha said. “Because I am well-versed in the intricacies of the Jerusalem real estate market, I am able to save time, energy and money for my clients, and to ensure the process is pleasant and stress-free. Clients often express surprise over how quickly and easily I finalize their sale and hand them the keys to their new home.”