Buying and selling property in Jerusalem can be a mystifying experience. Linett Real Estate takes the mystery out of the process, working expertly with each individual client to provide clear and concise answers that enable them to make informed decisions.
In the Q&A below, Micha Linett answers some frequently asked questions.

Q&A for Sellers

How much is my apartment worth?

Many different factors determine the value of a home, but the most important are its location, size, floor level and amenities, and whether it has an updated kitchen, porch or garden. Linett Real Estate is intimately familiar with the value of each Jerusalem neighborhood and has the market knowledge to pinpoint the value of a property, enabling clients to get the highest possible price for their home. Linett Real Estate offers free, personalized property value assessments to home owners in Jerusalem.

Should I renovate before putting my property on the market?

This varies greatly from home to home, but major renovations generally do not add the hoped for increase in value. Keep in mind that buyers often prefer to renovate or redecorate according to their individual tastes and needs. Linett Real Estate provides home owners expert insight into what buyers are looking for – saving client’s time, money and aggravation. During each apartment walk-through, Linett Real Estate has the creative vision to help potential clients visualize their dream house and décor, no matter what the current condition of the apartment.

Why should I use an agent to sell my home?

This can be answered in two simple words: quality and quantity. Real estate agents have the ability to reach a vast number of potential buyers, but more importantly, they have access to serious buyers who are ready, willing and able to pay your asking price. Linett Real Estate has the added bonus of reaching the widest possible market through its membership in Shiran multiple listing service. With its extensive experience in negotiation, Linett Real Estate is able to secure the best possible price for your property. Recently, a couple came to Linett Real Estate after trying unsuccessfully to sell their own home for more than six months. Two weeks later, when they sat down at the closing, the woman literally wept in relief.

Should I list my house above market value?

Pricing a property within the market range ensures the fastest possible sale and the highest possible price. The length of time a house is on the market affects the price. If a house is overpriced initially, it has a high chance of eventually selling below market value. This means that by the time the price is reduced to a reasonable selling price, it has become over-exposed, which raises questions in buyers’ minds. Linett Real Estate knows exactly what the asking price and the sale price were for comparable properties in your neighborhood which is an essential factor when pricing your home.

Q&A for Buyers

How do I know my property value won’t drop after I buy my home?

There are no guarantees in life, but one thing is certain: there is only one Jerusalem, and everyone wants a piece of it. Every year at Passover, millions of Jews around the world proclaim, “Next year in Jerusalem.” The demand for real estate in Jerusalem is as eternal as are the ancient stones that grace the city. There is no additional land in Jerusalem for development, so the properties that exist comprise the entire market. Every year, more and more investors and Olim from North America, Canada and Europe are drawn to this magical city. Linnet Real Estate helps find them the perfect residence for their lifestyle.

Why should I use an agent to purchase a home?

Real estate agents have the ability to reach the maximum number of available properties within your price range and location preference. This gives clients a greater sense of ease because they have a much larger pool of properties to choose from which allows for considerably more room to negotiate. Linett Real Estate is committed to offering each client patient, individualized attention to help them locate their dream home. Using superb negotiation skills and market knowledge, Linett Real Estate works closely with the client throughout the entire process. Linett Real Estate matches clients quickly and efficiently with their dream home, saving the buyer time, money, confusion and aggravation.

What’s the difference between private and church land?

When considering purchasing property in Jerusalem, it is important to be aware that a significant portion of the city’s real estate is Church owned land, particularly in the Rechavia and Talbiya neighborhoods. Linett Real Estate helps clients identify whether the properties they are considering are private or church owned, and can explain the legal issues of purchasing church owned properties.

How do I determine mortgage, banking and interest rates when purchasing a home in Israel?

Linett Real Estate clarifies and simplifies the financial aspects of buying in Israel. The buyer is never alone in this process. Linett Real Estate provides straightforward advice, as well as referrals to trusted finance professionals in its network. Linett Real Estate is committed to ensuring every aspect of your real estate purchase is trouble-free, from the initial search to the financing and closing, we offer support and guidance every step of the way.

What is Tama 38?

Tama 38 is a construction program in which the government incentives property owners to fortify and upgrade older buildings by granting construction rights. In a building going through the process of Tama 38, the real estate developer will strengthen and expand the building and in exchange will upgrade each apartment. In general they give a facelift to the building in compliance with earthquake resistance standards, add extra rooms and sq meters to each apartment, balconies, elevators, bomb shelter rooms or other relevant additions to the building.